prices and deadlines

Prices and Deadlines

Price Charts

Half Marathon

Nov 11 – Feb 24

Feb 25 – Jun 23

Jun 24 – Sept 2









Double & Triple Races

Nov 11 – Feb 24

Feb 25 – June 23

June 24 – Sept 1

Bobcat Double




Appalachian Triple




After the final price jump we will place our race shirt order. You will be guaranteed a shirt if you register after the final price jump, but not a specific size. We will have a shirt exchange available at the finish line after the race. Sizes and quantity will be limited.

Team Registration Overview

We do offer team registration. Runners on a team of 6 or more will each receive a $10 discount and the team will be automatically entered in the team category. Read the full policy here.

Refund Overview

  1. Athletes can receive a refund until late registration kicks in.
  2. Runners will be eligible to defer their registration to one of our other races or they can defer for one year for a $10 deferment fee.
  3. We will allow bib transfers to other runners for a $10 transfer fee.
  4. Read the full policy here.